Full Of Care, Not Careful

Self-care can be a pretty elusive concept. We care about a LOT of things— from our family, to our community, to the environment, to our career, it makes sense that our care is aimed in too many directions to make “self” care seem like a priority. 

We might even feel a little pressure about self care. Our to-do lists feel a mile long as is, so we rarely reach those bottom-of-the-list to-dos like meditating or taking a bubble bath or going to a sunrise yoga class. Because that’s what self care is, right? Something totally outside your normal routine—maybe even a bit of luxury—as marked “me time.” 

Actually, self care can be much simpler than that! (If you do routinely finish your self-care to-dos, congratulations! You are a high functioning queen, keep doing you and color us impressed.) Self care, rather than a specific activity, is an approach to other activities. Like mindfulness, self care can be practiced through any activity. 

As we’ve all heard before, it’s impossible to love someone else if you don’t love yourself. In the same vein, we believe that truly caring for anything starts from a place of self-care. Our care is aimed at all types of things, unique to each and every one of us. But by turning some of that care inward, we can integrate care for ourselves with our care for others. 

Very simple, mundane tasks can be done with a self-care approach. Listening to what your body and mind need is the name of the game, so making any decision can be done with that in mind. Waking up 5 minutes earlier to stretch or make your favorite cup of tea can drastically improve your mornings. Taking a mindful walk on your lunch break, or doing 5 minutes of mindfulness practice during any activity. These are the little steps to care for yourself that will drastically improve your ability to care for other things. 


At Cafe Ma’kai, we aim to foster a positive, intentional space, where taking care of yourself is both easy and enjoyable. Choosing food that will nourish you and leave you feeling good afterwards is a huge step in taking care of your body. We buy from local, sustainable practice farmers, and we practice composting and a sustainable waste program, with the goal of giving care to the community while we care you. 

Self care can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right attitude and the right space, you can do anything you put your mind to, including reaching those far away, bottom-of-the-list to-dos.